1. Are WAC aircraft LSA? 

Yes, all aircraft meet the requirements for registration as an LSA. Basically the major requirements are that the airplane has a maximum gross weight of 1320 pounds lb. or 1430 lb. on floats, that its maximum cruise speed is 138 mph, it has fixed landing gear (retractable on floats), a propeller that is adjustable on the ground (not in the air) and no more than two seats. Spirit can be registered as an S-LSA or E-LSA.


2. Does WAC aircaft meet the 51% rule?

The 51% rule only applies to amateur-built aircraft. WAC airplanes are built as E-LSA which has no content rule because the airplane is an exact copy of an S-LSA. Therefore we can offer Spirit kits assembled to any percentage. We choose to offer an E-LSA Spirit kit as fully assembled as possible in order to make your build time short. You save money by building it yourself and get into the air quicker.


3. What’s the difference between an S-LSA and an E-LSA?

An S-LSA is an aircraft that has been fully built by the manufacturer. The aircraft has been built, test flown and registered with the FAA. Because an S-LSA is a manufactured airplane, it may be used for flight training, rental and banner towing. An E-LSA is built by an individual from a kit. It may only be used for personal flying.


4. What is the gross weight of WAC airplanes?

All our airplanes are design gross weight is 1653 lb/750 kg. In the USA, an LSA may only legally be flown with a gross weight of 1320 lb/600 kg – or 1430 lb/649 kg if it is on floats. In other countries it may be higher or lower. World Aircraft Company “builds airplanes to the standards of the world.” With a gross weight of 1653 lb/750 kg, our airplanes meet the weight standards of any country in the world.


5. What is the construction of WAC airplanes?

WAC aircraft are all-metal airplanes. The fuselage is a semi-monocoque structure meaning that the skin carries most of the load and thus the internal framing is greatly reduced. Three-dimensional curved surfaces are much stronger than an internal frame and flat skin. The semi-monocoque structure not only resists tension and shear loads but bending and compression as well. Thus WAC aircraft structures are stronger and lighter than an aircraft using a ridged internal frame. Our planes are not a NACA airfoil. It is our own design and incorporates several features not normally found in aircraft – and on no other LSA. The wingtips are turned down to reduce approximately 70% of wingtip vertices. The tail has a swept stabilizer and a huge elevator – again not common in the industry. They give WAC airplanes full elevator control at any angle of attack. The design of the wing, fuselage and tail combine to make WAC aircraft less affected by thermals and turbulence.



6. What engines are available for WAC Airplanes?

Because of its light weight, the most common engine for our planes is the Rotax 912 or 914 series. However, we also provide engine mounts for Continental and Lycoming. Because it is a true LSA, WAC airplanes may not be built using an auto conversion engine. Only ASTM certified engines may be used.


7. Where can I see WAC airplanes?

Check out our show schedule. We fly Spirit to these shows. You may also come to our 23,000 sf facility at Henry County Airport (KPHT) in Paris, TN. Our hours are 8:00 am to 4:30pm Central, Monday to Friday. It is best if you call ahead so that the people you need to see are available. If you need to fly here commercially, you can fly into Memphis (MEM) or Nashville (BNA). Either airport is approximately 2 hours by car from us. Also, as we develop our dealer network, we will place their names on our website. Eventually we hope to have a dealer near you.


Factory Tours

Upon a two day notice, we can usually accommodate tours of the factory in Paris, TN.  Please call the office to arrange a tour and to be sure we are in town to show you around.  Local hotels are available for those of you who may want to stay overnight.  A factory tour can be arranged in conjunction with a demonstration ride in one of our aircraft.   Tie down space may be available for those of you who fly into Paris and stay overnight.


Aircraft Demonstrations and Evaluation Flights

With a two day notice, we can usually schedule a factory pilot who can take you up in the air and show you the advantages of our aircraft.  Evaluation flights are also available at selected local fly-ins and a few national meetings.  Please call us to arrange for a factory demonstration flight at one of our meetings around the country.  Please see the schedule for our meetings above.  Check back often for updated information.