Our Engineering Process:

Our engineers use a 3D program to draw every single part in the airplane structure.  Because the parts are related to each other within the component drawing, all rivet holes, bends etc. match perfectly.

Each individual part or drawing can be rotated inside a 360 degree sphere where it can be studied from any angle or side.  We can zoom in or zoom out to any portion of an individual part or to any point in the main drawing.  Placing the computer mouse on any part in the main drawing causes that part to light up and display its part number.  Alternatively, we can select a part from the drop-down menu and it will light up on the main drawing.

Once the part is drawn in 3D, we use another program to flatten the part and apply tooling for our turret punch.  The result is turned into various files for our information.  For example, the “punch part” file tells us the size of the finished part, the tools the machine will use to make it (the turret holds 45 different tools), the time it will take to punch the part in tenths of a second and the finished weight of the part.  If we want to punch multiple parts of different sizes, the program will “nest” them automatically so that there is very little metal waste. A configuration file is then prepared and sent to the turret so that it can interpret how to punch the part(s). 

Our engineers are WAC salaried personnel.  We do not out-source any of our engineering design or drawing.  In fact, we do some engineering for other companies as well as build prototypes for them.

The animated videos you see here were created in-house to allow you to see the internal structure of our airplanes and the advanced technology we use to design and build them.